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Whatever possessed you to put bacteria, viruses and other scientific images on neckties, scarves, boxers and other products?
We started out in 1997 with the sole purpose of producing educational materials, primarily our H.I.D.E. & S.E.E.K! Disease Prevention video (which has gone on to win several production awards). A good friend gave us...gulp- Herpes- at the "wrap" party celebrating completion of the production. The good news is that this Herpes was in shades of blue, yellow and red, it came on silk, and it was removable! We loved the connection to our mission, so we did some due diligence on the product source. In the end, we were fortunate to be able to "seize the day," a case of simply being "in the right place at the right time!"
Where do you get your ideas for designs?
All the designs are based on actual slides or photomicrographs of organisms, or on scientific images. Our team converts the images to a pattern, colorizes them, and voila! OUTBREAK!
How accurate are the images on the Awareables neckwear?
All are based on the actual slides, but some of the earlier incarnations are more "artistic" than others - the original Malaria, for example. The designs completed after 1997are all quite accurate and representative of the underlying science.
How do you decide on what designs, or entities, to create?
A combination of personal interest, obvious need for awareness, accessibility of images, potential collaborations and economic realities.
Can you make a proprietary design for our company (organization)?
We do it all the time, and it's great fun! See the Custom Design page, or call Customer Service with inquiries.

We're committed to contributing a portion of all proceeds towards education, research or treatment. See the About Us page for a list of partners. Whenever possible, we support agencies and organizations that help us to learn and to promote awareness about important health issues.
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